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Earthing & Lightning Protection

The earthing and lightning protection product range we carry complies with the requirements of relevant British and World standards. Design and manufacturing quality control systems are independently assessed and approved to ISO 9001. The approach to lightning protection is fully endorsed by the IEC/BS EN 62305, as well as NFPA 780 standard. We can offer a level of competitiveness, service and technical support. 

Safety Products

The safety product range we carry consist of Insulating Mats and Insulating gloves.

Insulating rubber mats conforms to IEC 61111:2002 and are manufactured using high quality elastomer rubber in order to provide complete protection against electric shock due to electrical earth faults. These rubber mats are suitable for use in outdoor and indoor applications and are generally placed in front of electrical panels and switchgears in orders to create a safe working environment for the operators. The range of rubber electrical insulating gloves we carry protect the people working on live voltages or working in the proximity of electrical installations from electrical shocks. Our gloves can be used for a wide range of voltages from 500 V to 36000 V and are compliant with EN60903:2003, IEC60903:2014 and CE category III

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