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Tools play a significant role in the progress of mankind. Since ancient times, tools have been used to perform a variety of tasks, and early humans have used a variety of tools to create physical objects. With the passage of time, significant progress has been made as far as the quality of tools is concerned. In modern times, there are many advanced tools available for professional and home use.

Modern tools are mainly divided into 2 categories- hand tools and power tools.

Whether you talk of construction, plumbing or any other industry, power tools are widely used to perform several tasks. Power tools are mostly sold with suitable power tool accessories that keep these gears in a good condition for a longer period of time.

We stock a variety for hand and power tools, from leading brands like MAKITA and STANLEY. 

The main types of tools are:

Cordless tools

Makita offers many products in this area. In addition to cordless screwdrivers, cordless impact wrenches, cordless rotary hammers drills and cordless jigsaws, The range includes various other tools such as battery saws, cordless angle grinders, cordless planers, cordless metal shears, battery-powered screwdrivers and cordless slot mills.


Power tools

In the field of power tools Makita offers on the one hand the classic tools such as drilling and stemming hammers, drills, planers, saws and cutting & angle grinders. On the other hand, gardening equipment (electric lawnmowers, high-pressure cleaners, blowers) and measuring tools (rangefinders, rotating lasers).


Hand Tools and Accessories


A wide range of STANLEY hand tools for worksite professionals and DIYers are also available. Makita accessories for their tools include batteries and chargers for cordless tools. Blades and tables are also available for sawing tools. 

PTC  also distributes NISSAD branded (manufactured by KLAUKE) tools from Germany. All over the world, Klauke is renowned for its high quality, electrical connection technology and tools for crimping, cutting and punching. Their range comprises more than 10,000 products for trade, industry and the growth markets of renewable energies and modern infrastructure.

NISSAD tools in our stock consist of:

  • Mechanical Crimping and Cutting Tools
  • Hand-operated Hydraulic Crimping and Cutting Tools
  • Foot-operated Hydraulic Crimping and Cutting Tools
  • Battery powered Crimping and Cutting Tools
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