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Prakash Trading Company is the authorized distributor for GEWISS I-CON EV Chargers, manufactured in Italy. The Type 2 chargers meet all IEC standards and are equipped with the following state-of-the-art features:

Easy charging with a "one-hand" system

  • Charging your electric vehicle is now even quicker and more convenient. The "one-hand recharge" feature makes it possible to charge with ease using only one hand.

Product design that meets all requirements

  • The front of the I-CON charging units is designed in a way that is both elegant and suitable for all applications. The product can also be customized based on end user specifications as per their request.
  • Some versions offered with cables come with the handles which are ergonomically designed to offer practicality and refinement.
  • The products are the only domestic wall box in the industry that permits flush-mounting installation with minimal wall protrusion, a solution that improves the overall appearance without affecting the surrounding environment.
  • As per customer requirements, the wall-box can also be outfitted with a Backlight LED system to improve visibility in dark or low-light areas.

Natural charging connection point

  • I-CON PREMIUM versions are equipped with an innovative user interface, composed of display and touch slider, which allows you to view messages and manage all charging settings locally, quickly, and intuitively.
  • Units can also be managed through an app, available for both Android and iOS. The app lets you adjust the settings as required and analyze at the charging history, guaranteeing protection and savings.    
  • Every I-CON product is equipped with a DC leakage device to guard against direct current leakage. This results in protection for the users and the electrical grid, and also ensures energy cost savings for the end user.





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