Transform Your Electric Vehicle Charging Experience with the V2C TRYDAN EV Charger.

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Transform Your Electric Vehicle Charging Experience with the V2C TRYDAN EV Charger.


Prakash Trading Company is proud to launch our latest product, the highly anticipated TRYDAN Electric Vehicle (EV) 22KW AC Charger, manufactured by V2C in Spain. With this cutting-edge charging solution, we are revolutionizing the way you charge your electric vehicles, while delivering an unparalleled charging experience.

At Prakash Trading, we understand that EV owners seek convenience, efficiency, and reliability when it comes to charging their vehicles. The TRYDAN EV Charger, with its advanced features and innovative technology, fulfills these expectations and more. Our slogan, "Transform Your EV Charging Experience with V2C EV Charger," perfectly captures the essence of what this charger has to offer.

The V2C TRYDAN EV Charger is designed to work seamlessly with leading EV brands, including Tesla, BMW, Mercedes and other vehicles with European IEC standard type 2 sockets. This compatibility ensures that you can enjoy fast, reliable, and efficient charging performance, tailored specifically to your EV. Even the owners of EVs with Chinese standard GB/T sockets can benefit by using a TRYDAN EV Charger by combining it with a GB/T to TYPE 2 converter for compatibility and hassle-free charging.

When comparing the V2C TRYDAN EV Charger with the competition, the advantages become even more apparent. The TRYDAN is adjustable and can be set to charge up to a maximum of 22KW AC, plus offers a 2-line display, and offers connectivity with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also allows scheduling the charging through an App, and the user can have Over the Air firmware updates to keep the charger updated.

One of the standout features of the TRYDAN EV Charger is its Dynamic Load Management (DLM) capability. This intelligent technology optimizes the charging process by dynamically allocating power based on available capacity. By utilizing DLM, the TRYDAN charger ensures efficient charging while avoiding any overload on your electrical system. This means you can charge your EV worry-free, knowing that your electrical infrastructure is being managed effectively.

The V2C Trydan is designed with a focus on enhanced safety. It is manufactured in Spain with 2 years’ warranty and tested as per European IEC standards. It also features in-built DC leakage protection feature which stops charging if it detects any DC current flowing into the charger. DC current is extremely dangerous and a significant risk to human life.

As a reliable and trusted provider of EV charging solutions, Prakash Trading is committed to delivering products that enhance your EV charging experience. We are proud to offer the V2C TRYDAN EV Charger, a game-changing solution that combines cutting-edge technology with seamless compatibility with top EV brands.

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