Gewiss PL series panel lighting

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Gewiss PL series panel lighting

Elia is born, a new addition to the GEWISS Product family designed for easy re-lamping, quick to install and guaranteed for 5 years.

Elia Panel LED – is the new recessed panel for office and working place lighting. Luminaire and Glare control, energy efficiency and comfort are the plus of this product, for a perfect replacement of traditional lighting installation.

The Exclusive Advantages of ELIA PL

  1. Re-lamping – The Elia PL range offers excellent efficiency/cost, for the replacement of conventional lams, with a quick payback

  2. Quality Warranty (5 Year Warranty): ELIA PL is one of GEWISS’ high quality LED luminaire ranges, designed to guarantee maximum reliability and innovation, in terms of single components and product quality.

  3. Easy Installation: ELIA PL panels are compact and extremely thin. Moreover, thanks to the low weight they are allow an easy and quick installation.

  4. Versatile: ELIA PL is available in three different sizes to be installed in any kind of false ceiling. Thanks to the different mounting accessories, it become the suitable solution to replace any existing installation.

The range is now available in Prakash Trading Co

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