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Prakash Trading is pleased to inform the launch of GEWISS ICON EV Chargers, Made In Italy

The IEC standard with type 2 charging sockets are equipped with latest features :

"One-hand” system, easy charging

  • Charging your electric vehicle is even faster and more convenient. Thanks to the “one-hand recharge” functionality, it is possible to connect the charging socket using only one hand, so as to facilitate further unloading operations (shopping bags, packages, suitcases and more).

Design suitable for every need

  • The front of the I-CON charging units has an elegant design, suitable for all application contexts. If requested, the same can be realized with a specific customization to each customer's needs.
  • In the version with cable included, the handle of the socket is made with a practical and refined shape, which improves the aesthetics of the entire product, as well as its functionality.
  • I-CON is the only wall-box for domestic use that allows flush-mounting installation, with a minimum protrusion from the wall. A solution that enhances its forms without impacting the surroundings.
  • If required, the wall-box can be equipped with a LED system, called Backlight, which highlights the position of the unit and its use.

Intelligent charging management

  • In private environments, the Dynamic Load Management System (DLM) integrated in the units dialogues with other household loads and allows the best charging power management, in order to avoid exceeding the maximum power available in the home.
  • For semi-public applications, Dynamic Load Management allows you to manage the loads of one or more stations through the OCPP protocol.

Intuitive charging interface

  • I-CON PREMIUM versions are equipped with an innovative user interface system, composed of display and touch slider, which allows you to view messages and manage all charging settings locally, quickly and intuitively.
  • Units can also be managed through an App, both for Android and iOS, that allows you to configure charging settings as desired and check the history of the operations carried out. protection and savings always assured
  • All I-CON products are equipped witha DC leakage device for protection against direct current leakage device, that allows significant economic savings and absolute protection of electrical system and people.

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