Gewiss Isolators 70RT

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Gewiss Isolators 70RT

Prakash Trading Co introduces the GEWISS 70RT isolator

The 70RT HP is ideal for all industrial installations, designed even for the most heavy-duty applications

It reduce the contractors installation time by choosing the ultimate solution in terms of safety and strength, with the new range of Isolators from 16A to 160A. Available in both plastic and metal boxes.

Main Advantage of 70RT HP

  1. Total Protection: These devices offer an innovative and unique degree of protection with IP66/IP67/IP69 that protect the product from dust and liquid ingress. 70RT HP switch isolators are also suitable for the most demanding applications, thanks to their high level of mechanical resistance.

  2. Versatile and Innovative: More features that are technical have been introduced to this range: with dual metric entry points top and bottom, external fixing points for surface mounting, plenty of internal space for cable wiring. Option N/O N/C auxiliary contacts to make them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  3. Quick Assembly: The Plastic front of HP devices is fixed with just four quarter turn captive screws; a simple innovative system to fix or remove the front much more quickly than any other system available in the market.

  4. Robust and Reliable: The metal box versions (IP66) are made from painted aluminum alloy, offering high levels of performance over time, even in the most challenging conditions. The devices are also available in ATEX Versions up to 100A for explosive atmospheres.

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